Keep the Power Flowing

                       Keep the Vehicle Running 

  • ​Four main test result indicate the status of the battery and electrical system of the vehicle: Battery Capacity(Voltage, CCA, Internal Resistance, SOH) / Start-up Load / Maximum Work Load / Charging System .
  • ​Full test result printing out with date and time shown in the thermal paper.
  • English and Spanish interface and printing out reading.
  • Available for all 12V and 24V starting lead-acid battery, great compatible with regular flooded, AGM flat plate, AGM spiral and gel batteries, and cover all battery rating Standards - CCA, JIS, DIN, IEC, EN standards.
  • Reverse connecting protection and overload voltage protection secure user and avoid any damage of the battery or electrical system of vehicle.
  • ​​Date/Time will be auto-updated in printing screen with 3V 2032 coin battery installed. (coin battery not included)

 Automotive Battery Analyzer

 Automotive Battery Analyzer  With Printer (12V / 24V)  

Durable Carrying Case


  • CCA Range                                                                                 100-1700
  • IEC Range                                                                                   100-1000
  • EN  Range                                                                                   100-1700
  • DIN Range                                                                                  100-1000
  • JIS Range                                                                                     Reference table in manual
  • Displays Battery Internal Resistance                         Display ohms
  • Displays Battery Voltage                                                   Display volts
  • Displays Battery Condition                                              good/OK/pay attention/replace
  • Test 12V and 24V Battery
  • Engine Start-up Test
  • Charging System Test
  • ​Maximum Load Test
  • Battery Recharge Indicator
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • ​Detects and Displays Bad Cell
  • Loose Lead Detection
  • Internal Unit Conversion EN, EIC, DIN
  • Overload Protection of Input Voltage​
  • Dimension                                                                                   8.3*3.7*2.2 inch  (210*93*55mm)      
  • Weight                                                                                           1.2lb (500g)                         

English Interface and Print-out Reading

Battery Tester

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Spanish Interface and Print-out Reading