Automotive Battery Analyzer


Digital Manifold Pressure Tester  


Battery Tester

-DI-205C with Printer & Ah input

-DI-215A with Ah input Quick Test

-DI-215C with Printer

-DI-216 12V LCD 

-DI-217 12V plus LED

Deep-Cycle Battery Tester

​-DI-225 5Ah-80Ah

​-DI-226 40Ah-200Ah

Lead Acid Battery Tester

-​DI- 226A 3 in 1 

Brake Fluid Tester

-DI-230 LED Indicator

-DI-230B  LCD Indicator

-DI-230F Boiling Point Tester

Electrical Circuit Tester

-DI-150 Cordless Circuit Tester

-DI-222 Automotive Tester

-DI-223 Multi-function 4 in 1

-DI-250 Short & Open Finder

AC Manifold and Leakage Detector

-DI-517 Manifold Pressure Tester

​-DI-575 Leak Detector

​Digital Tire Inflator With Gauge

-DI-401 Tire Pressure and Tread 

Back Side

Optional Clamp-on Temperature Probes


LCD Display and Sign Introduction


  • Pressure test: gauge pressure
  • Pressure test unit: Kpa; Mpa; bar; inHg; PSI
  • Pressure test range: 0 Kpa – 6000 Kpa
  • Pressure test resolution: 1 Kpa
  • Pressure test accuracy:+/- 0.5 %(FS)+ 5dgt
  • Maximum overload pressure:10000 Kpa (10 Mpa; 100 bar;)
  • Vacuum test: relative vacuum
  • Vacuum test unit: Kpa; Mpa; bar; inHg; PSI
  • Vacuum test range: -101 Kpa – 0 Kpa
  • Vacuum test resolution: 1 Kpa
  • Temperature test unit: °C (Celsius),°F (Fahrenheit)
  • ​Temperature test range: -40°F–302°F (-40°C– 150°C)
  • Temperature test resolution: 0.1°F (-40°F–99.9°F),1°F (100°F–302°F)                                                                                           0.1°C (-40°C–99.9°C),1°C(100°C–150°C)
  • Temperature test accuracy: +/- 0.9 °F + 2dgt                                                                                                                                                   +/- 0.5 °C + 2dgt
  • ​Built-in 89 kinds of refrigerant NIST:According to American NIST standard              R11 R113 R114 R115 R116 R12 R123 R124 R125 R1270 R13 R134A R14 R141B R142B R143A R152A R170 R21 R218 R22 R227EA R23 R236EA R245CA R245FA R290 R32 R401A R401B R401C R402A R402B R403A R403B R404A R405A R406A R407A R407B R407C R407D R407E R408A R409A R409B R41 R410A R410B R411A R411B R412A R413A R414A R414B R415A R415B R416A R417A R418A R419A R420A R421A R421B R422A R422B R422C R422D R423A R424A R425A R426A R427A R428A R50 R500 R501 R502 R503 R504 R507A R508A R508B R509A R600 R600A R717 R744(Co2) R1234
  • Power Supply: 4 X 1.5V (SIZE.AA / LR6)​
  • Dimension  : 6.7*4.4*2.0 inch(170* 110* 50mm)   
  • Weight   : 2lb (950g)                
  • ​Direct T1 T2 Temperature, Real-time Superheat and Subcooling Simultaneously Display with Optional Two Clamp-on Temperature Probes.
  • ​Pressure and Saturation Temperature
  • Vacuum Operation
  • Pressure Leak Test with recording
  • 89 Refrigerant Profiles Stored in The Instrument




Keep the Power Flowing

                       Keep the Vehicle Running